🌟 A Sneak Peek into My Journey For Your Success

This book is more than just a reflection of my past; it’s a guidepost for your future. Stay tuned for more updates, sneak peeks, and exclusive content as we approach the launch in 2024.

Educational and Inspirational: Every tale is woven with practical wisdom and insights, offering you a unique blend of storytelling and life lessons. This book aims to educate, inspire, and provoke thought, encouraging you to learn not just from your experiences but from mine as well.


Simon Pucko, known in the digital world as “drMurlly,” is a thriving online solopreneur, investor in digital assets, author and DLT nodes manager with a rich background in healthcare and technology. Over a decade of experience as an ICU nurse and paramedic across Europe has provided him with unique insights, which he has seamlessly integrated into his work in the tech world. 

In the virtual sphere, Simon has established multiple passive income streams, showcasing his ability to navigate the complexities of the digital age. He holds degrees in Bioinformatics and Nursing and has over five years of experience in DevOps.

Away from the screen, Simon is a devoted husband and father to three, embracing an active lifestyle and the serenity of nature. A notable lifestyle choice was his family’s decision to live without a TV for the past decade, a move that’s had a profound positive impact
on their lives. 

In a nutshell, Simon is a tech-savvy medical professional turned online solopreneur, balancing family life with his passion for digital innovation, personal growth and helping others find success in the online world.

The central inspiration for my upcoming book is my own life journey, particularly the lessons learned from the challenges and triumphs I’ve experienced. It’s a reflection on the wisdom gained from both successes and mistakes, and a desire to share these insights with others. The book is rooted in the belief that personal stories can serve as powerful guides, helping others navigate their paths more effectively. By sharing my experiences, I aim to provide readers with a roadmap that can help them avoid common pitfalls and embrace opportunities for growth and success, especially in the realm of online entrepreneurship and personal development. This book is not just a recounting of my past; it’s a tool crafted to inspire, educate, and empower readers on their own journeys.

My upcoming book, set to release in 2024, is more than just a collection of personal stories; it’s a treasure trove of wisdom and insights that can significantly contribute to your online success. Here’s how it can be a pivotal tool in your journey:

  • Learning from Real Experiences: Each story in the book is a reflection of real-life experiences, encompassing both triumphs and setbacks. These narratives provide practical lessons that are directly applicable to navigating the online business world, helping you avoid common pitfalls and make informed decisions.

  • Inspiration for Innovation: The book is designed to inspire and provoke thought, which is essential for innovation in the digital space. By reading about the challenges and creative solutions from my past, you’ll be encouraged to think outside the box and develop unique strategies for your online ventures.

  • Guidance for Personal and Professional Growth: Whether you’re just starting out or looking to expand your online presence, the book serves as a guide for continuous growth. The blend of storytelling and life lessons offers valuable insights into personal development, resilience, and adapting to change – all crucial skills for thriving in the dynamic online market.

  • A Source of Motivation: The journey detailed in the book is a testament to perseverance and ambition. It serves as a motivational tool, reminding you that with the right mindset and approach, achieving success online is within reach.

In essence, this book is a companion for anyone aiming to grow and succeed in the online world. It offers a unique perspective, combining personal anecdotes with actionable advice, making it an essential read for anyone looking to enhance their online business and personal growth.

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